Meet Lindsey


Lindsey Anderson, 2014

Lindsey Anderson, 2014

“At the heart of who I am and how I work is the belief that by fully accepting a person for who they are and how they feel, I can help them find their own unique and meaningful answers towards relief from emotional pain.”

Hello, I’m Lindsey, I’m Scottish, I have two boys and currently live near Nyon in Switzerland. I’ve been working as a therapist for four years and feel honoured to be doing the work I do with the unique people I meet.

I’m a warm, approachable and empathetic counsellor who works gently and sensitively so that you feel heard, understood, supported and safe.

At the heart of what I do is accepting you for who you are by listening, noticing, reflecting, sensing, understanding, supporting, affirming and guiding you. I also have training in using a variety of problem solving tools and techniques which we can use together if, and when you want to and the time feels right.

Overall I have over 20 years professional experience working for the United Nations (UN) and other international organisations in communication and staff development roles in Africa and Europe as well as in private practice in Switzerland as a therapist.

For 10 years with the UN World Food Programme, I also worked as a volunteer support counsellor providing front line help to staff with a range of emotional issues including: Anxiety, bereavement, burn-out, communication and relationship difficulties, separation/divorce,  loss, work-place stress, relational trauma, change and transition.

Having lived in South Africa, Kenya, Italy and Switzerland and worked in high-stress disaster and conflict zones, being employed, unemployed, married and divorced, I have personal experience of the thoughts and feelings these difficult life situations can bring.