My qualifications and experience


I have an MSc in Organsational Behaviour from London University, UK, a post-graduate Diploma in Counselling from the Institute of Counselling, Glasgow, in association with Glasgow Caledonian University and a BA (Hons) in Communication from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK,

I’m a professional member of The National Counselling Society, UK (NCS) and attend regular trainings to enhance my professional skills, most recently completing workshops in cognitive behavioural techniques for anxiety in children and adults, self-esteem, trauma, sexual dysfunction and family constellations.

I’m also a Director of  The Rome Institute for International Counselling, Coaching and Mediation providing pre and post assignment counselling sessions to help staff deal with work-related stress and psychological health problems. Currently I am  working with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the United Nations Development Programe (UNDP) helping staff with their psychological well being. You can find me by clicking on:

Overall I have 20 years of professional experience working for the UN and other international organisations in Africa and Europe in counselling, communication and staff development roles, as well as being a therapist in private practice in Switzerland.

I talk to my own supervising counsellor every month to help me through life’s journey and, in line with good counselling practice, I work to the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)  counselling code of ethics.

Professional Membership

Degrees:Diplomas:Prof Development





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